Week of March 22nd through March 28th

What we are dealing with today in our lives, in reference to this coronavirus, reminds me of Noah building the ark. It was a command from God to escape the flood. The ark is the redemption offered to believers through Jesus Christ.

Read Genesis Chapter 6:1-22

What are your observations?

  • What insights do you have about this passage? (at least 5 insights)
  • Who are the main characters?
    1. Examine relationships between the characters (the good, the bad, the ugly)
  • Take note of anything in the text that is confusing, surprising, challenging, or hard to understand. Write these down

What you should do next:

  • Read Chapter 6 again in three different versions; NIV, NLT, GNT etc. (Take Notes)
  • Summarize this passage by writing down a brief summary of what you learned
  • Write down the strengths and weaknesses you see in the text
  • What principles are taught in the passage so you can apply those principles in your own life? How will you do those things? What will you do different?

What is the Thematic Outline? (Answer these on another sheet of paper)

The thematic outline basically talks about the major topics in the order they happened in the text and then is paralleled to the world view

  • Theme (what’s wrong in the text)
  • Condition of Existence (what’s wrong in our world today)
  • Condition that needs to be addressed (what is the text saying to you in your own words)
  • Conclusion (what is the good news in the text)

Answer these questions:

  • What theological principles are communicated in this passage Genesis 6:1-22?
  • Which theological principles from the passage do you feel are most important?
  • Which theological principles will you apply going forward?
  • How has the passage challenged or moved you?
  • What spiritual struggles are addressed in the passage?
  • What spiritual struggles are you dealing with right now?