Great Hope's Deacons are responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church. They assist the Pastor in collecting tithes, conducting baptisms, and receiving those who wish to give their life to God.

The Deacons also support new members of the church. Each Deacon is assigned a range of zip codes. If you need spiritual support, prayer, or other related assistance, contact the Deacon assigned to your area.


(Pictured from left to right): Deacon Cassandra Crawley, Deacon Joyce Taylor, Deacon Lesterine Whitehead, Deacon Jerry Anthony, Deacon Mary Whitaker, Deacon Norman Falkcon, Deacon DeBora Holliday, Deacon Charles Haskins, Deacon Milton Coles Jr., Pastor Shearin, Deacon William Moore, Deacon Willie Wright, Deacon Louis Workman, Deacon Alvin Hill, Jr.