Our Approach

Our Vision

Great Hope is becoming a church without walls that reaches the greater community and beyond with the love of God. We engage to watch over, pray for and exhort each other unto every good word and work. Every member participates in each other's joy and with tender sympathy bears one another's burdens and sorrows. Together, we seek to live to the glory of God who has called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light.

Our Story

Church History

Great Hope received its name when Reverend Berlack recalled a statement by President Franklin D. Roosevelt; "In the strength of Great Hope, we will meet our common cause." By June 1944, Great Hope had achieved permanent recognition and was formally organized as Great Hope Baptist Church. Pastor Berlack was unanimously elected Pastor for life.

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Reverend Melvin F. Shearin, II


Rev. Melvin F. Shearin II is a gifted, spirit-filled, and dynamic visionary and pastor of the Great Hope Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. He is a God-led leader and has a passion for ministry outside the walls of the church. Under Rev. Shearin’s leadership the church has continued to grow spiritually and financially. He is the fourth pastor to be installed in the 73-year history of the church.

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